Our free mailing services

We offer free addressing (with ink jet technology) and free US bulk mail preparation with most of our products. Postage costs are additional. Mail prep services are not available on our Knockoff Door Hangers, Big Ed items, or Save the Dates.

Alternatively, we can ship all printed items to you and you can mail/ distribute as you need. A shipping fee would apply.

Please note that Canada Post delivery, as well as international mail, is available. Please contact us for details.

Requirements for USPS

Our magnet/postcard combos can be processed by the USPS as machinable, automated mail. If you choose to mail our magnet/postcard via regular First Class Mail at your local post office, the postage rate would be based on the 1 oz. letter rate (not the postcard rate), plus a charge for non-automatable mail.

To avoid scanning the wrong address from the postcard, the USPS requires that your design not include another ‘stacked’ address nearby the mailing address on the card. This includes a stacked address on the magnet. ‘Nearby’ is an area within 4-1/2″ from bottom of card. Note: this rule does not apply if your stacked address is smaller than 8pt type, or if your address is not stacked (set on one line), or your address does not include a Zipcode.

The USPS now requires that the rectangular space behind our addressing area (the area for inkjet addressing, return address, barcoding and indicia) be blank or lightly tinted (10% max). Further, there must be a solid white area of at least 4″ x 5/8″ at the bottom/right of the Postcard-Mailside to allow for barcoding.

You can let us add the proper postal indicia for you. If you choose to layout the indicia yourself, we suggest 1) no art should be behind indicia, 2) background must be solid white and extend at least 1/8″ beyond all sides of the indicia, 3) lettering may be reduced, but no smaller than 4 pt type, and 4) indicia should not be smaller than 1/2″W x 1/2″H, and 5) ruled box is not necessary, but indicia needs to be easily found by post office and not lost in graphics.

The USPS requires that a return address be included on mailing pieces that use a postal indicia.

The USPS offers discounted rates for properly prepared bulk mail. Based on these current rates, here are our current postage prices (subject to change without notice):

US Postage rates

  • Standard class /Marketing bulk mail: $0.39 ea
  • First Class Presort mail: $0.58 ea
  • Non-profit bulk mail: $0.23 ea
  • optional NCOA list processing: $49 per list
  • saturation mailings may qualify for postage savings
  • rates based on machinable, automated item
  • we can use your Postal permit; or our permit

If we will be mailing your items with a list you are providing, we will optimize your mailing list by normalizing and validating your addresses, at no additional charge. You can choose to use our indicia on the mailing piece (and pay us postage cost), or use your indicia, if it is the type that can be used at any US Post Office (not all are). If using our Indicia, prepare your art layout leaving the appropriate space for us to add the correct Indicia box and text. Note our Mailing List details (below) when preparing your mailing list for us.

The USPS requires that your mailing list be checked against the USPS’s National Change of Address (NCOA) Database. There is a $49 fee (per list); please complete and fax to us a USPS NCOA Processing Acknowledgement Form. To avoid this requirement, you may have us include a line stating “Or Current Resident” when inkjetting your mailing addresses. You may also consider adding an ancillary endorsement to your postcard layout, for example, “Forwarding Service Requested” or “Address Service Requested”; although such endorsements you may subject you to additional postal fees.

To use our Non-Profit Indicia on your organization’s behalf, your group must meet certain criteria; and USPS Form 3623 signed by Organization Official, must be faxed to us. Layouts using Non-Profit Indicia must include the organization’s return address, and this address must match the address on the 3623 form.

Explore the appropriate Layout Template, found on the webpage for each item, to see suggested design layouts and relevant USPS forms.

The USPS requires a minimum number of items be mailed to obtain ‘bulk’ rates: 500 pieces for First Class, 200 pieces for Standard Mail or Non-Profit.

Postcards that are to be stamped or metered should be designed with an empty area in the upper right corner of the mail piece.

Our Big Ed item is not mailable by us. Instead, we ship it to you so you can mail it with EDDM service offered by your local post office. Please check with your Postmaster for EDDM requirements.

Mailing list details

If we will be mailing your items, please email us your mailing list in CSV or Excel format, in a PC-compatible file. Each line in the file should include at least 5 fields: full name, address, city, state and zip. No line should be more than 45 characters long. We can also allow for additional lines for title, company name, and an ‘address2’ line. In total, we can accommodate up to seven lines.

For alumni lists (ex. “Robert L. Smith ’61”) or lists with suffix titles (ex. “Robert L. Smith Ph.D.”) please provide names as two fields: 1) full name and 2) suffix. For example: “Robert L. Smith” and “Ph.D. ’61”.

If you’d like to develop a mailing list, just ask us. We work with hundreds of affordable, top-quality lists, for nearly every category and region. Please contact us for details and pricing.

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