frequently asked questions

Will the magnets stay on through the mail?
For our postcard magnets, we use a reliable spot glue process that ensures magnets stay on tight, until the recipient peels them off. (Our Stuckup product uses permanent glue.)
Can you help with designing the card or developing the mailing list?
Our professional artists can help you design your card; and we can help build a quality mailing list. Just call us for details and pricing.
How fast is production time?
When we receive camera-ready art, we will email you a layout proof within 2 working days. Once we receive your OK, please allow 10 working days for production time. Large orders may require additional time.
Can you do rush orders?
We will try to accommodate your schedule: please call us to discuss specific dates.
Can the magnet be positioned on either side of the card, and in position?
The standard placement on our traditional Postcard Magnet Mailer is to the left of the address area on the card. But as long as its not on the address area, or off the edge of the card, you can specify another placement. Please allow for a 1/4" variance in where the magnet is placed. The Foldup Magnet Mailer requires the magnet to be located inside the folded card, on the right hand side of the card, behind the area where the recipient's address is printed. The Knockoff door hanger requires the magnet to be in a specific location at bottom of the hanger card.
Do you have standard designs I can use to create my art?
Although we don't have 'stock' layouts, our design staff can create art that conveys your message, and for a reasonable rate. Please call us with your ideas.
Do you have a printer's template and postal requirements so we can design an effective layout?
Yes: each item on the website includes a link to a "Templates" file for that item. The file is a compressed (Zip) file containing templates for magnet, postcard and Post Office guidance.
Can you customize the size of the postcard, or magnet?
We can customize sizes and shapes; please call us for details and pricing.
Can I print some of my order with one phone#, and some with another?
In some cases, we can split your order into smaller orders; a fee may be charged; please call us for details.
What do we need to layout in the Postal Indicia Block?
If you're using our free mailing preparation service, we suggest you let us use our Postal Indicia and bill you the postage -- you can leave the Indicia Block blank on your layout, and we'll fill in the details. Otherwise, you can use your own Postal Indicia (follow the USPS requirements), or no POstal Indicia, depending on your mailing plans.
Where does the barcode under the address come from?
When using our free mailing preparation service, we add the bar code, as well as sort and prepare your cards for US Mail, based on the addresses you provide.
Where can I find more marketing and layout ideas using magnetic postcards and magnet mailers?
Our web blog has dozens of useful tips about designing and utilizing magnet postcards. It's at .